Management System
Company introduced ISO 9000 Quality Management System in 1997 and got the certificate: Our company is the first enterprise implemented ISO 9000 in this line of business. After ten years implementation, current quality assurance system can fully guarantee its effectiveness & high efficiency. In this year annual audit carry out by the third party, only find two minor non-conformities among 5000 people of ten departments.

Meanwhile, our company pay much attention to green factory. In 2002, our company implemented ISO 14000 Environmental Management System and received certification which was also the first company got this certificate in the same line of business.

Fujian Xunxing company not only emphasizes quality and green environmental products production, but also pays much attention to welfare and responsibility to the society. Currently, our company has invite consultant to assist company to prepare the implementation of SA8000 Social Responsibility Management System.

Product Standard

Fujian Xunxingzipper Technology Co.Ltd is the enterprise based on National Standard & Trade, leading composing Standard of China zipper Industry  QB/T2171, 2172, 2173 (Year of 2001 version);

Meanwhile, in order to meet increasing customer requirement, Fujian Xunxingzipper Technology Co.Ltd establishes “SBS Product Series Standard”(including metal zipper, nylon zipper and plastic & steel zipper according to international approved standard ,such as BS3084,ASTM,DIN3416,JIS3015,etc.SBS standard has been much higher than part of international standards. Such as BS3084, ASTM, DIN3416, JIS3015, etc. Based on this standard, the zippers made in our company can fully meet and even surpass most customer’s quality requirements.

Fujian Xunxingcompany also pays lots of attention to products environmental feature. Our company zipper passed Switzerland Textile Products Environmental Identification.

Inspection center

Take ITS as a reference, Fujian Xunxing company equipped with different kinds of advanced experimental/inspection equipments. Monitor the whole process  raw material, production process to finished products which make every index meet customer’s requirement or surpass customer’s requirement. Our company is the only zipper company that experiment and examine zipper whole process production. Experiment and examine scope includes:

a) Examine precision of mold, equipment assembly and metal crystal structure.
b) Examine chemical composition content, heavy metal content, physics feature, crystal structure of raw material, such as alloy, macromolecular compounds, paint etc. this ensures each index of raw material complies with zipper standard requirements and guarantee product’s quality  source.
c) Examine products physics feature and color resist in production process to ensure the production process meet customers’ requirement.

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