The family firm, represented by Shi Nengkeng, never forgets to reciprocate to the society at the meantime of its own development. In late 1990s, it set up Xun Guang School Education Fund, which provides financial aid to special-needy students coming  many colleges in Beijing, subsidizes Quanzhou Teachers’ College, Jinjiang Special Teaching School and many middle schools and primary schools in Shenhu Town, also participates in supporting distressed areas and gymnastic business of city or province. In late 2002, to back the development of socially useful business, SBS Group denoted 10 million RMB to Jinjiang Charity Association and 2 million RMB to Quanzhou Charity Association benevolently and also set up SBS Charity Fund respectively. It is known that the fund is mainly used for charitable business  social charitable surgery, Emersion project, specially-needy critical patient relief and so on. On May 16, SBS Group subscribed more than 1 million RMB to back earthquake-harmed areas rebuilding homeland.

What is especially mentionable is that, under the elaborate management and breeding of Mr. Shi Nengkeng, the chairman of the board of SBS, Fujian Male Basketball Team, lingering at Second Division for nine years long, was promoted to First Division B and then First Division A in May, 2002, which realizes the long-cherished wish of the vast populace and people  all walks of life of Fujian Province. Mr. Shi Nengkeng invested more than 20 million RMB into SBS Basketball Team every year. SBS Basketball Team has the courage to struggle. In recent CBA leagues of two sports competition seasons, SBS Basketball Team defeated powerful force  Eight One Team, Jiangsu Team, Canton Team and so on, and rushed into First Eight Members. SBS Basketball Team pushes forward the development of our province’s competitive sports and gymnastic business, becomes the outstanding typical of our province in sports circles.