SBS has attached great importance to technological innovation, and in the early 1990s, the company set up a technical transformation group. In 1999, because of its strong technical advantages, the Chinese zipper centre was established here. In the past years, SBS has focused on the practical technology, using the high technology to transform traditional industries and promote the technological progress of the zipper industry.

At present, there are 182 members in the technology center, of which eight are experts,3 are doctors, 16 are masters, 14members are of Senior Title, 35 are of the intermediate grade. The members of junior college take up more than 70 percent. The president personally is as the director of the center, and the director of the research and development center is the Deputy Director. Also this center has hired many experts Xiamen University, Beijing Chemical Industry University, Fuzhou University, Huaqiao University, to form the expert consultant group. Strategic Research Center, the Information Technology Department, the Project Development Department, Product Development Department, are Technology and Equipment Development Department and the Test Center are set up under this center. All of the departments are sharing a concrete responsibility and a clear goal.

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