SBS shares customer relationship management

SBS company held the launching ceremony of Customer Relationship Management – C4C Project on August 31st, 2017. Over 200 participants attended the ceremony, including President Mingqu Shi, Vice President Tian Zhang, Marketing Director Lanying Zheng, General Manager of SAP Business Division Donghui Liu, General Manager of SRPO (Xiamen) Chengyan Wang , Director of SPRO Cloud Division Wei Chen, employees  SBS marketing department, etc.

SAP C4C system was a stable, multilingual and international information platform supporting salesmen in coordination. In order to meet the need of group’s rapid development, SBS introduced the system which would provide more effective management, quicken the integration of marketing process and the optimization of management system, improve marketing efficient and improve SBS’s comprehensive competitiveness. Main modules consisted of technical data management, marketing management, sales management, service management and system docking.

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